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Using Code We Don’t Understand [Reparations]

I took my previous post down. It wasn’t fully fleshed out, and it unfortunately centered on students, when in reality I suppose I really meant programmers and developers in general. I was misleading in two ways with the previous post, and I’d like to clear it up before continuing.

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Raises Are Not For Everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted, for that I’m sorry. In the most sarcastic sense, I know the universe revolves exclusively around me and that roughly 6 billion people wait for the next installment of TheRealGill! Seriously though, I’ve been working my day job, and doing a lot at work with Experience Points. Read more

College, How It Is, How It Should Be

Just my thoughts…

Minicast 04 – College, How It Is, How It Should Be

[TRG Rant] : Quick Save / Quick Load

I play a lot of video games; not as many as some, and certainly not every genre (typically I exclude sports and MOBA games), but a significant amount. I consider myself well versed and experienced, having backtracked through the arcade stage of the early 90s, and the non-mainstream consoles of the mid-90s. I approach video games in a holistic fashion, looking at all aspects of a game. The real quality of the game is not derived from a single piece, nor is it measured from equally weighted parts. Some things seem to matter more than others. Read more

[TRG Review] : Fallout 3 : Post-Apocalyptic Rant

Fallout 3 has been out for quite some time now (2008). I’ve beaten it before, a long time ago, and can recall enjoying the experience. Still, something compelled me to re-install, re-play, and review it, so here goes something! But first, a short walkthrough…
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MG’s Weigh In : Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Alright, so the trial is over, and George Zimmerman was found not-guilty, innocent of all charges. I completely agree with this ruling, but there is a lot that was wrong with how the matter has been handled; here is my rant. Read more