Experience Points Title Card (2014)

What’s up everyone?! Experience Points (http://exppoints.com http://ift.tt/Mkw3IK) has been changing and getting better for the last 6 months. All of the videos that have been produced before now have had this really ‘budget’ (crappy, quick, lazy) intro title card. Well, THAT STOPS HERE! I give you, the new, the improved, Experience Points Title Card!

This was a combination of my basic knowledge of After Effects, and a few tutorials I found online. Please, let me know what you think of this, and any suggestions you have to make it better. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE!

Dollar Shave Club ($9) Unboxing

I recently subscribed to the $9 razor set from Dollar Shave Club. Here is the unboxing! Thanks for watching, and remember to SUBSCRIBE if you liked the video!

Mass Effect 3 HD Mod Review and Comparison

I started playing Mass Effect 3 again, and bumped up the graphics to the max; but, it still could look better! I added new textures and some cool lighting via SweetFX, and BAMN!

Smartek’s Post – ME3 HD Mod

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90.9 FM KSLU Radio Station Walkthrough

Follow MG through 90.9 FM KSLU, the radio station that broadcasts the Experience Points Radio Show. And, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for Watching!!

MG’s Office (Cubicle)

Where does MG work? Find out by watching! Check out Experience Points, or the Facebook Page. And, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for Watching!!

[TRG Minicast] Next Gen Decisions

Looking to buy one of the next gen consoles? Here are my thoughts.

Minicast 03 – Next Gen Decisions

[TRG Minicast] YouTube Content ID Crackdown

Get up to speed on what MG thinks regarding the ‘recent’ YouTube Content ID crackdown!

Minicast 02 – YouTube Content ID Crackdown


Also, check out the below videos for more information!

Angry Joe Show – YouTube Copyright Disaster!
Boogie2988 (Francis) ‘Copyright-Gate: Get A Real JOB!!!’
Rev3Games – Address The Sess – YouTube Copyright Controversy 

[TRG Minicast] Free Speech Is Not Being Violated, No Matter How Much You Like Duck Dynasty

This is the first of many ‘Minicasts’. Hope you enjoy my thoughts, IN AUDIO FORM!

Minicast 01 – Free Speech Is Not Being Violated, No Matter How Much You Like Duck Dynasty

Still Not Dead!

So I’ve been quiet for a while. I large portion of my extra time and energy has been spent on Experience Points platform, but I am doing other things too! More is soon to come, so stay tuned!

Old Consoles Don’t Die Easily!

I’ve had my PS3 since release. I was a first adopter of the original 60 GB version, back when manufacturers believed in something called ‘backwards compatibility’. Tangent; I’m less sore about it now, but when Sony and Microsoft changed policy to remove backward compatibility (BC) from their console lines, I was pretty pissed! At purchase, my library of PS2 games was bigger and more near/dear to me than the paltry PS3 offerings. It was important that I could still play those older games that made up the core of my library. Read more