Starting Over

I felt that the previous incarnations of my blogging attempts were very messy. Whether the problem was lack of organization, stagnation, or simply my own ignorance towards the platform, I’ve decided to scrap the previous BlogEngine.Net blog and start from scratch (WordPress scratch, at least)…

While I plan to migrate select portions from some of the previous blogs I’ve authored, I wish for this blog to be new and entertaining… Unlike the previous blogs… It is my hope that by connecting this blog to external services and social media that I frequent, readers may use this as the aggregate point for all projects and general mischief I’m involved in.

I have several ideas on how to keep things interesting, but then again, I’ve had ideas like that before… The real challenge is making the effort, opening the browser, and writing content! Every day, or at least every other day, put something new, with appropriate tags and categories! Here goes something!!!

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