Social Media Login FTW

Previously I had comments completely disabled and was asking readers to comment on Facebook or Twitter. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of managing users and combatting bots. Akismet is a good tool for automatically detecting spam in comments, but I’d still have to allow site registration and profile¬†management. Using a plugin called … Read more

Check It Out! I Cleaned My Garage!

I’ve got a ton of junk… The first step is to admit that I may have had a pack-rat problem in the past. I think most tech-geeks hoard tons of old cable, remotes, and scraps of devices; I am no exception. But lately I’ve come around to the idea that maybe I don’t need all this stuff. Maybe I can live without the 12000 ft of used CAT5, and the 50 AC power cords, and the scraps of wood that are almost so small they couldn’t even catch fire…

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Growing Pains

I’m doing a lot to this blog, and have had to reinstall the damn thing over 5 times… Permalink structure changes are not fun…


First, I apologize if you have been getting a ton of notifications from either my Twitter or Facebook account. I was unsure of how to ‘test’ if the IFTTT service was actually posting and directing information the correct way, so I just set it up and hoped for the best.

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Starting Over

I felt that the previous incarnations of my blogging attempts were very messy. Whether the problem was lack of organization, stagnation, or simply my own ignorance towards the platform, I’ve decided to scrap the previous BlogEngine.Net blog and start from scratch (WordPress scratch, at least)… While I plan to migrate select portions from some of … Read more