The AI Generation

This blog entry discusses the impact of AI technologies on content creation. The blog entry highlights three AI tools that are revolutionizing the way content is generated: Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion for image generation, Open AI’s ChatGPT for text generation, and ElevenLab’s VoiceLab for audio generation. The article explores how these tools are making content creation faster, more accessible, and more cost-effective than ever before, and how they are enabling businesses to create high-quality content with unprecedented ease. In conclusion, the rise of AI technologies in content creation is changing the game, and it’s an exciting time for creators and entrepreneurs.

[TRG Review] : Nexus 7 (2013)


My history with tablets has been rather short. Unfortunately, I jumped on the ill-fated netbook train and wasted my time there when the first practical and affordable commercial tablets began to appear on the market. Contrary to popular belief, the iPad was not the first tablet… The first iPad was released in 2010, a full seventeen years after Apple’s initial PDA project “Newton” was attempted, and twenty-two years after the actual first commercial tablet, the GRiDPad, was released. For graduate school and programming interest, I attained an iPad 2 in the fall of 2011. While I never really programmed for the device, it was quite useful during school. I used a Logitech keyboard case that allowed me to forgo notebooks/pens/pencils in favor of Evernote!

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