Check It Out! I Cleaned My Garage!

I’ve got a ton of junk… The first step is to admit that I may have had a pack-rat problem in the past. I think most tech-geeks hoard tons of old cable, remotes, and scraps of devices; I am no exception. But lately I’ve come around to the idea that maybe I don’t need all this stuff. Maybe I can live without the 12000 ft of used CAT5, and the 50 AC power cords, and the scraps of wood that are almost so small they couldn’t even catch fire…

Along that thinking, I ventured into my garage to begin sorting what was good and what was bad, useful and useless. That is when I discovered that my garage was a total mess. Over the past few weeks I had acquired odds and ends for various projects that are all mid-completion and I never noticed that the garage was becoming fragmented. Bits of x’s were mixed with the z’s, and the y’s were all wrapped around the t’s… There was no organization, there was no efficiency… I couldn’t even get my damn motorcycle out! This was a severe problem!

So, I cleaned! While a lot was thrown away, oddly enough, a lot wasn’t. In the end, it wasn’t the amount of junk, it was it’s lack of organization.

Free at last!

I’m still not finished, but I’m getting there! More to come!

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