Front Landscaping – Rock On!

I’ve been living in my house for a little over nine months as of this post, and I’ve been doing several projects on the interior and exterior. For more info on these past projects check out the following videos:

House Walkthrough (Before Projects)
Home Theater Wiring and Projector Install
Surveillance System Install
~50″ TV Wall Mount

Anyone that has ever lived a full year in Louisiana can attest, it is really hot down here. Lately, it has been sweltering nearly every day with isolated showers. Isolated apparently means 3 minutes long… Anyway, my point is that working outside is definitely one of my last choices of how to spend my day; right after dry shaving with a claw-hammer…

Despite this heat-stroke aversion I seem to have developed, I ventured forth and decided to tackle an outdoor project. I replaced the grass-only landscaping in the front of the house with super-duper granite rock landscaping. Hell yeah rocks! I got the rocks from my parents, who bought them years ago and lost interest because of the intense southern heat. Hell yeah parents… and heat!!!

My enthusiasm only exists after a little rest and a lot of cool water following the completion of this project. It was hotter than 2x suns, and I was forced to wear a bandanna (yes I took a picture, no you cannot see it). But as they say, ‘talk is cheap’ and ‘a picture is worth 1000 words.’ My math is rusty, but here are roughly 5000 words!

I had to let the grass grow up so the mulch wouldn't escape
The rocks before
The 'not-as-cool-as-it-looks' cleaning station
In progress... Carson was cheering me on!
This is a panorama shot... The house isn't bent in the middle!

The pictures are available on my Flickr photostream!

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